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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Available Now 9–10 am (ET) Webinar:

Campus Recreation Delivers Mental Health Benefits — Presented by Matrix

The role of campus recreation may be more important than ever, given that returning students report unprecedented levels of anxiety and feelings of social isolation. Join Karlie Intlekofer, PhD and the global wellness researcher at Matrix Fitness, to explore the current research related to higher education and COVID-19, the emerging innovative technology solutions that can support the campus community, and ideas for communicating the benefits of campus recreation on mental resilience and academic performance.

Available Now 10–11 am (ET) Roundtable 1:

The Mental Health Crisis

Research shows a large percentage of students struggle with mental health issues — and that is not counting what effects COVID-19 will have on incoming and returning students. In this discussion, panelists look to answer questions on top strategies when it comes to training staff, COVID-19’s impact on campus rec’s role in the mental health crisis, when departmental culture comes into play, and more.




Jill Beville, the director of Recreation and Wellness at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro
Darcie Burde, the director for Fitness and Wellness at the University of Florida
Stacy Connell, the founder of SLC Wellbeing and previously the senior director of health initiatives at Georgia Tech
Josh Downing, the director of Recreation and Wellness at Butler University
Alexis Steptoe, the wellness coordinator at North Carolina State University

Available Now 11:30–12:30 pm (ET) Webinar:

Five Trainable Qualities in One — Presented by Keiser

Mac Calloway, a human performance and education specialist, will discuss the importance of training for strength, power, speed, endurance, hypertrophy and how Keiser equipment can do all five. Whether your members are weekend warriors, athletes or hard core training buffs, this session will provide you with the whys and hows to truly benefit all.

Available Now 1–2 pm (ET) Roundtable 2:


Collecting data is essential to the success of campus recreation and numbers are a key factor in helping articulate the impact it has on campus. In this roundtable, the panelists discuss what ways sharing data has helped to justify the effect of recreation on their campuses, as well as determining what outcomes will best articulate that message. They also dive into building the data literacy skills of their teams and what analytics are needed to prove relevancy in the case of being 100% virtual.




Elizabeth Greenlee, the associate director of Recreation and Wellness at Radford University
Nicole Olmeda, the associate director of Research and Assessment at the University of Texas at Austin
Steven Trotter, the associate director of Wellness and Fitness at East Carolina University
Michelle Whipple, the interim senior associate director of Programs at Purdue University
Katie White, the associate director of Programming and Assessment at Towson University

Available Now 2–3 pm (ET) Webinar:

Outcome Driven Innovation: Strengthen Your Community by Discovering What Your Students Want — Presented by Club Automation

PJ Gustafson of CENTERS, LLC will join Jeff VanDixhorn and Todd Irvin of Club Automation to introduce the tenants of Outcome Driven Innovation. They will explore how you can use this methodology to strengthen your community by learning what your students want from their campus rec department.

Available Now 3–4 pm (ET) Roundtable 3:

Inclusion — Programming for Alternative/Adaptive Recreation

More students are clamoring for inclusion into campus recreation. Plus, diversity and equity are two big initiatives that we need to consider not only as a staff, but in our service to students. In this roundtable, panelists center their discussion around adaptive/alternative recreation programming ideas like esports, where EDI comes into play, how partnerships can be powerful and the most significant barriers to inclusive programming.




Jen Armbruster, the inclusive Rec and Fitness Center coordinator at Portland State University
David Kirk, esports program director for Campus Recreation at Illinois State University
Ebony Ramsey, the assistant dean for Student Involvement at Maryville University
Skyler Rorabaugh, the director of Campus Recreation at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
Mirum Washington-White, the director of Athletics at St. Cyril of Alexandria School and the previous associate director of Programs and Assessment at the University of Houston

Available Now 4–5 pm (ET) Webinar:

Outdoor Adult Fitness Parks: Best Practices for Promoting Community Health by Increasing Physical Activity — Presented by GameTime

Learn how to effectively advocate for outdoor fitness spaces as solutions to providing affordable, enjoyable ways to exercise outdoors and on campus. Anne-Marie Spencer, the corporate vice president of marketing and master trainer at PlayCore, and Fred Wiechmann, the vice president of marketing and product development at GameTime, will teach viewers how to plan, design, implement and champion fitness initiatives that provide a well-rounded workout.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Available Now 9–10 am (ET) Webinar:

Exercise vs. Training: Performance Based Solutions — Presented by Technogym

The main goal of any fitness program should be to maximize results while reducing the chance of any type of injury. In today’s high-intensity environment, the focus on intensity has overshadowed other key training principles. Marty Miller, the director of education and training at Technogym North America, will help uncover unique training opportunities in this webinar that allow for a safe and effective systemic approach to high-intensity training.

Available Now 10–11 am (ET) Roundtable 4:

Trending Technology

Technology, especially in 2020, has never been more prominent. However, a lot of questions surround the principle ways campus recreation departments are implementing it. The panelists share how they are using technology during the current climate, what needs to be on the radar to successfully implement new technology and the role trending tech will play specifically with your staff.




Linda Buonanno, the senior associate director of facilities and operations for Campus Recreation at Penn State
Jeff Huskey, the assistant dean of Wellness and the director of Recreation at the University of California Santa Barbara
Tim Mertz, the senior director at HealthFitness
Jay Souza, the director of Recreation and Wellness at the University of South Florida
Mike Warren, the director of Recreation and Wellness at Purdue University

Available Now 11:30 am–12:30 pm (ET) Webinar:

The Biggest Trends Reshaping Collegiate Recreation and Wellness — Presented by CannonDesign

Colleges and universities are boldly investing in new or rejuvenated recreation and wellness facilities amidst constant change around new technology, shifting generational preferences and new cultural norms. In this session, Colleen McKenna, the principal and director of Sports, Rec + Wellness practice at CannonDesign, and Mike Cornoni, the associate vice president at CannonDesign, will offer real-world examples of how institutions can advance inspiring facility solutions that address current needs while planning for the future. Every collegiate recreation leader will leave this presentation with actionable tips and advice to help their campus community.

Available Now  1–2 pm (ET) Roundtable 5:

The Future — Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is something each campus rec professional does— or should do — and an important factor in how the impact of the industry meets the mission, supports divisional objectives or relates to presidential priorities. This discussion centers around top objectives in fulfilling the department’s mission, identifying changes in student populations to correctly assess their needs, and how the current reality of a pandemic is playing into the strategic plans for the future.




David Bowles, the senior director of Recreational Sports at the University of Florida
Michael Giles, the director of Recreation Services at Iowa State University
Marci Iverson, director of Recreation and Leadership at Viterbo University
Felicia Tittle, the executive director of Recreation and Physical Education at Duke University
Stan Shingles, the assistant vice president and director of University Recreation at Central Michigan University

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