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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

9 – 10 am (EST) Keynote

How Gyms Play a Vital Role in Combating the Mental Health Crisis

Industry veterans Victor and Lynne Brick, co-founders of the John W. Brick Mental Health Foundation, shed light on the lasting mental health impact of the COVID-19 crisis and what can be done about it worldwide. Learn the typical human psychological response to crisis and disaster, the role of exercise in improving mental health, how gyms can help those who are struggling, and more.


10 – 10:15 am (EST) Live Q&A with Victor and Lynne Brick

10:15 – 10:55 am (EST) Webinar

Optimizing Customer Segments for HVLP, Luxury and Studio Clubs Presented by MOTUS CI

In this webinar, Pete Stipher, president of MOTUS CI and Lyle Gadin, VP of customer strategy, will share in-depth insights from a MOTUS CI analytics study of HVLP, luxury and studio customers across the country. Learn how your core customers, and therefore core prospects, have changed during 2020, new audiences you can pursue, and strategies to engage leads at a household level.


10:55 – 11:10 am (EST) Live Q&A with Pete Stipher and Lyle Gadin

11:30 am – 12:30 pm (EST) Roundtable 1

Data-Driven Marketing: Driving Sales and ROI Presented by MOTUS CI

It’s more important than ever for clubs to make smart decisions when it comes to marketing. Where should budgets be allocated? What target markets are best to focus on? What metrics are the most valuable? What tactics are the most fruitful? During this panel discussion, operators will share specific strategies for using data and metrics to drive sales and marketing ROI in the months ahead.




Lyle Gadin, the vice president of client strategy at MOTUS Consumer Insights

Jake McCabe, the vice president of marketing at Genesis Health Clubs

Bryan K. O’Rourke, the owner of Moon Mission Media

Lisa Maguire, the marketing and advertising director at Hockessin Athletic Club

Merikay Marzoni, the director of marketing and public relations at Fitness Formula Clubs


12:30 – 1 pm (EST) Live Q&A with Roundtable Panelists

2:15 – 3:15 pm (EST) Roundtable 2

The Ins and Outs of Successful Virtual Fitness Presented by MotionVibe

Virtual fitness has proved to be a bright spot for fitness businesses over the last 12 months, and many operators are continuing to invest in their virtual and on-demand offerings alongside the in-person experience. During this roundtable, we’ll cover the ins and outs of offering virtual fitness successfully, from what technology to use and how to drive engagement, to tracking ROI and creating the best virtual experience.




Nick Cross, the president of MotionVibe

Cecil Hightower, a partner at Villa 59 Fitness Consulting

Staci Alden, the group fitness director at PRO Club

Michele Melkerson-Granryd, the general manager of Castle Hill Fitness

Sheldon McBee, the personal training director at Universal Athletic Club


3:15 – 3:45 pm (EST) Live Q&A with Roundtable Panelists

3:45 – 4:15 pm (EST) Webinar

The Importance of Versatility in Your Fitness Equipment Presented by Keiser

Under COVID, there has been more focus on every aspect of your operation, especially as clubs have had to reduce the amount of machines on the gym floor and every piece of equipment in your gym is now scrutinized for its importance and versatility that it brings to the member. Join Ty Sevin, the director of human performance, education, and research at Keiser, as he discusses the importance of training for strength, power, speed, endurance and hypertrophy and how your equipment can provide those training modalities for your members, along with how members’ training results can be tracked and used for retention.


4:15 – 4:30 pm (EST) Live Q&A with Ty Sevin

After Hours: Released at 5 pm (EST) Webinar

Zero to 90: Digital Member Engagement at Scale Presented by ABC Fitness Solutions

Digital member engagement has become an important driver of loyalty and, for many clubs, income as members seek more holistic and personalized experiences. Clubs and gyms need to consider how to leverage technology to expand beyond traditional programs and create new and resilient revenue. Join Landon Burningham, the owner and CEO at Physiq Fitness, Mark Harrington Jr., president at Healthworks Fitness and Republic Fitness, Greg McCoy, owner at Hidden Gym and Cristine Kao, chief marketing officer at ABC Fitness Solutions, to learn how to deliver a total fitness experience that is profitable and engaging.

After Hours: Released at 5 pm (EST) Webinar

Is It Possible to Rebuild Community with Technology? Presented by ASF and Club OS

Industry all-star, Stacy Anderson, the president of Anytime Fitness and Nick Hahn, the vice president of product at ASF and Club OS, discuss the challenges that lie ahead with rebuilding community in your gym, and whether or not technology can play a part in making it happen.

After Hours: Released at 5 pm (EST) Webinar

2021: A Data Odyssey – The Future of Data Science and Analytics in the Fitness Industry Presented by Easalytics

Did you know increasing your analytics maturity and operationalizing your data with industry-specific data science can help you excel in this kinetic decade? Join Doug Young, the chief operating officer of Easalytics and discover how emerging small data methodologies put key value-creating benefits of big data within reach of any business, including your competition.

After Hours: Released at 5 pm (EST) Webinar

Top 5 Trends in Adaptive Marketing – How to Nimbly Attract Fitness Consumers in an Ever Changing World Presented by Instinctive Insights

Our data-driven marketing processes uncover top trends for profitable fitness marketing in today’s climate. Join Jeramy Fishel, a co-founder of Instinctive Insights, to learn what’s working, why it’s working and how to adjust your club’s marketing tactics.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

9 – 9:45 am (EST) Keynote

Forming Partnerships with the Medical Community

Join Wayne Morris, the assistant vice president of health and wellness solutions at Ochsner Health, as he discusses the opportunity in commercial clubs partnering with the medical community. Discover the keys to success to Ochsner Health’s medically-integrated fitness facilities, why insurers and health systems are increasingly shifting to a value-based reimbursement methodology, communication outreach strategies, keys to a successful partnership, and more.


9:45 – 10 am (EST) Live Q&A with Wayne Morris

10 – 10:20 am (EST) Webinar

Demystifying the Member Experience Presented by Listen360

We’re all looking for a little more clarity in 2021, aren’t we?! As we continue to navigate COVID-era challenges, truly understanding the member experience is key to spending less time guessing and more time acting on the things that keep members safe, happy and loyal. In this session, Katie Bossie, the senior business manager at Listen360, will help attendees walk away with best practices for:

– staying in sync with members throughout their entire journey

– identifying the “next best step” and prioritizing improvements that drive loyalty

– supercharging marketing and lead-gen strategies using member feedback


10:20 – 10:35 am (EST) Live Q&A with Katie Bossie

11:15 am – 12:15 pm (EST) Roundtable 3

Outdoor Fitness: Creating the Ultimate Experience Presented by Keiser

Outdoor fitness proved to be a top trend of 2020, as many clubs were forced to take operations outdoors in light of the COVID-19 pandemic — and consumers reacted positively. In this roundtable, we will discuss what the outdoor fitness trend will look like as we continue into 2021, including best practices for building an outdoor workout space, key learnings and more.




Alastair Watson, the VP of Keiser

Amina Daniels, owner of Live. Cycle. Delight

Jarrod Saracco, the COO of World Gym

Jason Allen, the senior director of operations at In-Shape Health Clubs

Marisa Hoff, the co-owner of Be Military Fit and director of operations at Stevenson Consulting

Ralph Rajs, the COO of Forma Gym


12:15 – 12:45 pm (EST) Live Q&A with Roundtable Panelists

12:45 – 1 pm (EST) MOTUS CI Live Discussion

Join senior MOTUS CI team members Pete Stipher, the president, Dan Collins, the vice president of operations, and Taralynn Castaneda, the director of deployment, for a live discussion of how consumer data analytics can empower your club to recover faster in 2021. Leveraging data compiled from HVLP, luxury, and studio clubs across the country, our team will share tips on optimizing your club’s marketing, internal operations and services in the post-COVID fitness industry.

1 – 2 pm (EST) Roundtable 4

Creating Raving Fans: Member Engagement Strategies Presented by Listen360

 Clubs who have a passionate and engaged membership base are better able to navigate crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic. With this in mind, this roundtable will cover specific strategies and tactics clubs can use to engage members, ensure a positive customer experience, and turn them into “raving fans.” In addition, it will touch on ways clubs can bring back members post-pandemic.




Katie Bossie, the senior business manager of Listen360

Rich Novelli, the general manager of Highpoint Sport & Wellness

Mark Miller, the COO of Merritt Clubs

Mindi Bridges, the chief brand and marketing officer of VASA Fitness

Matt Wright, partner at Fort Athletic Club

Karen M. Raisch-Siegel, the executive director of LifeWorks of Southwest General


2 – 2:30 pm (EST) Live Q&A with Roundtable Panelists

2:30 – 2:50 pm (EST) Webinar

Five Ways to Win at Digital in 2021 Presented by Les Mills

Digital is key to thriving in this new age of fitness. How can you cut through the noise to ensure you stand out to your members among a sea of competitors? Join Adrian Heffernan, VP of customer experience at Les Mills, as he shares strategies for keeping your digital offering fresh and relevant to ensure you engage members both inside and outside the four walls of your club.


2:50 – 3:05 pm (EST) Live Q&A with Adrian Heffernan

3:45 – 4:45 pm (EST) Roundtable 5

Lessons Learned: Building a Crisis-Proof Organization Presented by Les Mills

 Leaders were put to the test in 2020 as the world navigated both a health and economic crisis resulting from COVID-19. What were the leadership lessons learned? During this roundtable, panelists will discuss a path forward for building a “crisis-proof” organization — including sales, expense management and member communication strategies — how to diversify revenue streams in 2021, and much more. 




Sean Turner, the CEO of Les Mills US

Chez Misko, the COO of Wisconsin Athletic Club

Christopher Montoya, the president of Thrive Business Development / Fit Republic

Cher Harris, the general manager of The Houstonian Club

Laurie Smith, the senior vice president of VillaSport Athletic Club and Spa

Ralph Rajs, the COO of Forma Gym


4:45 – 5:15 pm (EST) Live Q&A with Roundtable Panelists

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