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The Schedule

Monday, November 9, 2020

Hawkeye Webinar9 – 10 am (EST) Webinar

Marketing Solutions for the New Normal Presented by Hawkeye Powered by Epsilon

Greg Dowd, president at Hawkeye Powered by Epsilon, will discuss how mega companies have come together to form a comprehensive fitness’ized marketing database, martech and agency solution for the ever-changing dynamics of the industry and the world around us.

11 am – 12 pm (EST) Roundtable 1

Leading Through a Crisis: What We Learned and How to Apply It Presented by Matrix

In many ways, the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a crash course in crisis management. With this in mind, what lessons can be drawn from the past few months for leading through a crisis? During this roundtable, discover why leadership is so important during times of uncertainty, examples of what to do as a leader, what to stop doing, how to lead your teams successfully during this time and any future crises the industry may face.


The Panel


Moderator: Blair McHaney, the CEO of MXM and owner of Worx health club
Lisa Gorsline, the president and GM of Corpus Christi Athletic Club
Kent Stevens, the executive vice president of commercial sales at Matrix Fitness
Deslyn Norris, the chief people officer at Fitness Connection
Chris Stevenson, the owner of Stevenson Consulting
Maria Gonzalez, the CEO of ClubFitness Greensboro

Eleiko Webinar1 – 2 pm (EST) Webinar

Performance on Demand: Safety, Resiliency, Engagement Presented by Eleiko

Understanding that physical activity and resistance training strengthens the immune system and provides enormous long-term health benefits is not enough. People need to know they are safe. Rodney Corn, the director of Eleiko education, will put the two together and showcase how providing a safe training space with strategic programming will elevate your members’ mental and physical resiliency.

2 – 3 pm (EST) Roundtable 2

New Marketing & Sales Strategies for Future Success Presented by Hawkeye Powered by Epsilon and Gympass

The coronavirus pandemic is forcing clubs to be innovative across all areas of the business — including marketing and sales. During this roundtable, we will discuss new marketing and sales strategies clubs can utilize to ensure future success. Discover practical sales tips, innovative marketing ideas, strategies for driving revenue, and more.


The Panel


Moderator: Linda Mitchell, the director of public relations and community partners at Newtown Athletic Club
Shilpi Sullivan, the VP of marketing at EoS Fitness
Massi Sardi, the managing partner at Gympass
Greg Dowd, the president at Hawkeye powered by Epsilon
Tom Deimler, the senior vice president of California Family Fitness
Merikay Marzoni, the director of marketing and PR at Fitness Formula Clubs

FITLIFE Webinar3 – 4 pm (EST) Webinar

Claims Trends and Disaster Recovery: What Should I Prepare for and How Would We Respond Presented by FITLIFE

Brian Rawlings, the practice leader at FITLIFE, will explore the incident and claims trends being seen in the fitness industry, some potential mitigation measures and how to be prepared to recover after a serious loss or event.

4 – 5 pm (EST) Webinar

Introducing Group Training on Your Cardio Floor Presented by Matrix

To avoid the costs of an additional group fitness studio space, health clubs can leverage the cardio floor to adapt pre-programmed equipment for group training functionality. Join speed coach and Sprint 8 founder Phil Campbell, triathlete and Matrix master trainer Amanda Brush, and  Matrix US group training solutions director, Rebecca Cofod, to learn how to maximize cardio space and introduce dedicated “zones” for program offerings.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

9 – 10 am (EST) Roundtable 3

Consumer/Industry Trends and How to Capitalize Presented by Therabody

Keiser Webinar10 – 11 am (EST) Webinar

Now What!? Creating Impact in Our Re-Imagined Fitness Reality Presented by Keiser

What are your organization’s next steps during these changing times? Join Krista Popowych, the global director of group education at Keiser, as she provides a snapshot of the current state of the fitness industry and discusses  the “now what” question. From personal self-reflection, successful navigation into a virtual fitness world, re-imagining our future, to supporting the need for clubs and group programming, now is the opportunity to create real impact in our new normal!

11 am – 12 pm (EST) Webinar

Using Technology to Deliver the Total Fitness Experience to Members Presented by ABC Financial

Demand for new approaches to fitness are white-hot. As the center of your members’ fitness world, your club is uniquely positioned to succeed — if you take the right approach. Join Jennifer Mellet, the chief revenue officer at ABC Financial, and discover how to leverage the many aspects of your club’s existing technology to deepen relationships with members and drive new joins.

Therabody Webinar12 – 1 pm (EST) Webinar

Recovery Reimagined Presented by Therabody

Learn about how health club members can incorporate a new form of “recovery” throughout the entirety of a workout — rather than just post workout. Nick Trosko, the VP of global business and Tim Roberts, director of sports science at Therabody, will also touch on commercial solution options and how they can quickly create a brand-new revenue stream and lead to a profitable retail opportunity.

1 – 2 pm (EST) Roundtable 4

Navigating Through Financial Uncertainty/Financial Planning Presented by ABC Financial

Gympass Webinar

4 – 5 pm (EST) Webinar

Leading the Expansion of the Fitness Industry Through Corporate Post-COVID Presented by Gympass

During this session, Massi Sardi, the managing partner at Gympass, will discuss how corporate wellness has become a lever to expand the fitness market and why employers are choosing to invest in health and wellness programs.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

9 – 10 am (EST) Roundtable 5

Customer Experience: What Your Members Expect Presented by Brandbot

10 – 11 am (EST) Webinar

Innovate Your Member Experience Using Fresh Insights From Your Members and Staff Presented by MXM

Members and staff are loving many of the changes that were made as a result of mandates around the pandemic. Where you find positive feedback, you’ll find opportunities to innovate and build greater loyalty. Blair McHaney, the CEO of MXM, will help uncover key themes from expressions of love, to fresh ideas from your staff, to gaining greater insights into member behavior. Learn to use these insights to drive innovations that will build trust and member loyalty for increased, long-term profitability and employee satisfaction.

11 am – 12 pm (EST) Webinar

Power Up Your Business with New Revenue Streams Presented by Les Mills

COVID-19 has changed the industry landscape forever. With the future still uncertain, it’s critical to ensure you are not leaving revenue on the table. Join Adrian Heffernan, VP of regional accounts at Les Mills, for this webinar to receive easy solutions to thrive in this new environment by increasing revenue and future-proofing your business through a combination of live, digital and virtual offerings.

1 – 2 pm (EST) Roundtable 6

Expanding Your Club’s Offerings: Virtual Fitness/Live Streaming Presented by Les Mills

Despite all the challenges the COVID-19 crisis has brought the fitness industry, one bright spot has been the opportunity in virtual fitness. During this roundtable, we will discuss how clubs can successfully implement virtual fitness offerings, including on-demand fitness, live streaming, one-on-one virtual personal training, and more. Discover best practices, tips on choosing the right technology and partners, how to drive revenue through virtual fitness, and more.


The Panel


Moderator: Paula Neubert, the president and general manager of Club Greenwood
Aida Johnson-Rapp, the director of Group X at East Bank Club
Aaron Moore, the director of operations at VIDA
Sean Turner, the CEO of Les Mills US
Debbie Cedeno, the senior VP of sales and marketing at The Alaska Club
Greg Maurer, the vice president of fitness and education at Workout Anytime


All roundtables will be be taped and uploaded to watch on-demand following their release dates and times. Register to receive them directly to your inbox!

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