Box Pro Leadership Summit

Don’t Miss the Box Pro Leadership Summit


The first of its kind, a 2.5 day networking and roundtable event with 40 of the top Affiliates in the U.S., happening in Atlanta, October 26-28 at The W Hotel. Moderated by Affiliate Juliet Starrett, this is guaranteed to be the event you don’t want to miss.

Sounds great, but I’m a vendor. Why am I getting this email?


We’re giving 15 vendors the opportunity to meet face-to-face with the top Affiliates. That’s right: As a vendor you’ll get to spend 2.5 days networking, relationship building and meeting with 40 of the top Affiliates in the U.S. This is an “industry first” opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Here’s a list of those attending:

Stuart Brauer, CrossFit SouthEnd
Chris Cooper, Catalyst
Dan MacDougald, CrossFit Atlanta
Josh Plosker, CrossFit Bay Back and CrossFit Fenway
Lindsay Marcelli, CrossFit Eminence
Olly Goodard, CrossFit Fenrir
Maddie Senkosky, CrossFit Harpoon
CJ Martin, CrossFit Invictus
Kenny Kane, CrossFit LA
Matt Sharp, CrossFit Maximus
Matt Scanlon, CrossFit Memorial Hill
Jason Leydon, CrossFit Milford
Gabriel Haas, CrossFit Orlando
Charlie Simms, CrossFit Regeneration
Forrest Jung, CrossFit South Bay
JoAnna Dettmann, CrossFit St. Louis
Scott Keyser, CrossFit Stevens Point
Neal Maddox, CrossFit X-treme Athletics
Craig Howard, Diablo CrossFit
Chris Welch, Five Plus CrossFit

Case Belcher, Four Barrel CrossFit
Dave Werner, Level 4 CrossFit Seattle
Angelo Sisco, O’Hare CrossFit
Julie Johnston, Rhino CrossFit
Chad Warren, Space Coast CrossFit
TJ Belger, TJ’s Gyms
Andrea Smith, Trident CrossFit
Chriss Smith, Trident CrossFit
Jonathan Burgard, True Glory Crossfit
Justin Marcis, Windy City CrossFit
Carey Kepler, CrossFit Central
Chennelle Miller, Raleigh CrossFit
Brian Strump, CrossFit Steele Creek
Ashley Bacsu, CrossFit 317
Jamie Gallagher, CrossFit Burke
Stefan Cox CrossFit, Turbine
Don Moss CrossFit, Apogee
Guido Trindad, Peak 360
Jason Williams, CrossFit Hale and CrossFit Thames

Ok I’m interested, what do I get?

As a sponsor you’ll get:

  • 2.5 days of intimate access, networking, relationship building and face-to-face meetings with 40 of the top Affiliates in the U.S.
  • Your company logo, along with “Official Partner” recognition on all marketing material before, during and after the event.
  • Attendance and admittance for one person to all event activities and functions.
  • Advertisement in the Box Pro Leadership Summit program guide.
  • Marketing material/gift included in attendee gift bag to all attendees.


Check out the event web page where you can view the agenda.

How much does it cost?

The investment for a vendor sponsorship is $7,000. Additional sponsorships are available. Click here to view sponsorship details

What’s the catch?

The catch, and you’ll like this one, is that there are only 15 vendors that can participate. This is not the typical event where you’ll compete with hundreds of vendors. Instead we’ve limited this event to 15 vendors. That way you’ll have intimate access and little to no competition.
Because we’re limiting this to 15 (on a first come, first serve basis), you’ll need to reply as soon as you receive this email as we cannot promise that space will be available.

For more information and to reserve your spot, call 770.424.4078, or email

For more information and to reserve your spot, call or email 770.424.4078, or email



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